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Our Primary Objective here is to bring together, People from every walk of life to Participate, as a New Society is being born into the Light of Truth. A massive surge of positive energies is powering a Deep shift worldwide. Optimism and Joy are creating peace in abundance as everyone are being activated with an instinctive knowing of truth and humanity’s potential for loving change.

We will be guiding/assisting you, through a process of unveiling that which has been hidden for far too long. Some of you may resonate with the information which is within the realms of Dimensional-Ravens, Some of you may not. However the case may be, each individuals path is of their own.

Certain key aspects of the Human Consciousness will be revealed along with their relations to other external forces, being that of which we take for granted every day.

When individuals go through the process of spiritual awakening, sooner or later we are confronted with the fact, that there seem to be more dimensions,Densities or Frequencies than the one reality we are living in and that we know so well. We start questioning our life and what used to be true for us all of a sudden starts crumbling. We are not so sure anymore if we are indeed living in a reality or if it is not so real after all. The higher dimensional energies are calling on most of us. We start resonating with them and go on our quest to find out more about who we truly are. We learn about universal energies and different frequencies and what Ascension truly means: An energetic shift from 3D to 5D by raising our frequencies to a much higher level and transmuting low frequencies of fear into unconditional love up to a point where no fear, anger, or depression/trigger is left. We come across a lot of information and are learning a lot about ourselves, the Universe and humanity. A question that often keeps us busy is how to differentiate between the dimensions now knocking at our doorstep. With so much reference made to the shift from 3D to 5D, do you really know what it feels like and how it will impact change in your life?

Let’s Begin The Personal Journey To Within…
The Letter ‘D’ refers to a level of Spiritual Dimensions which mirrors our individual Spiritual growth as we experience it in our human experiences. The number before the ‘D’ refers to the level of Consciousness in that particular dimension. Globally, humans have been sustained in a 3/4D level of Consciousness for far too long. This is commonly represented by feelings of fear, limitations, lack of inter-connectedness, suffering, working hard to succeed and being locked in time and space. If you feel yourself being drawn into fear due to Conspiracy Theories or feelings of being out of control during the pandemic and what is going to happen, then you will more than likely still be experiencing and living in 3/4D Consciousness. Since last year, humans have been migrating towards a higher state of Consciousness towards and merging into 5D.

The 5D state feels effortless, a word numerous individuals have used more often towards the end of 2019 for 2020. The more people learn and migrate into 5D, the more humans will experience oneness, radical forgiveness, unconditional love, manifestations at a faster rate and a feeling of being supported by energy as our dreams and purpose begins to unfold. In order for this to happen in the first instance, we must surrender the old story we have been told and at the very least be open there being another way. The resistance created in hanging on to the old narrative of struggle, fight, and pain keeps humans rooted in the old 3/4D matrix. There is an old Buddhist quote, and way of Life, “You Must Unlearn What you have Learned” in order to make way for the new information to take root, from within your Higher Self.

Some of world’s population will choose not to move up to 5D. This is part of the Divine Cosmic Law, for they still have the “Freedom of Choice” that governs the “Freedom Of Will”. The Soul chooses how and when to experience life, and for some souls, the greater lessons are in the lower Denser Frequencies.

Our beloved “Earth/Gaia/Terra3” is also migrating into these Higher Frequencies as She travels through the Cosmos, along everything on her, above and below including the Human Population. The undeniable evidence is mounting everywhere, some of which is being reported as Climate change. We Humans need to raise our Intentions into the Positive affirmations of Light, the higher frequencies of which you all possess within. Known to all as Love, Peace, Forgiveness as a collective social construct right now, more than ever here on Earth.

These occurrences have happened before, and will be an ongoing transformational process yet again. Most of the Population, are now currently searching for their own “Spiritual Truth”, In which numerous Souls have chosen to endeavor. This is a Compendium of the Knowledge of which countless individuals have already Embraced, from numerous honorable sources, in which I Personally owe a Sincere form of gratitude. From myself to all, keep Striving forth and usher in the New Golden Age for all Humanity.

Now, before we begin To understand the different Dimensions, Densities or Frequencies, let us make one Assertion very clear right now, they are not of a “New Place or Realm”. Contrary to numerous teachings and belief systems worldwide. The old descriptions of each have been the Official Doctrine subscribed to by the masses on Earth, for Far too Long. When and if you are still intrigued as to the path we are navigating you down. Please use Discernment. Logical thinking, your own Intuition and your own connection with Source, along with Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue. The goal, our goal, is to raise our Consciousness and Awareness of Higher Truths. To set us Free from "Enslavement of the Matrix" in this Material Realm, Once and for all.

Continue Into: The Third Dimension

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